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Puppy/Kitten visiting

Puppies are, of course, demanding, needing lots of attention in their first few months. They can't be left for long periods while you are perhaps at work or need to be away in an emergency which is where I come in.

We can visit your puppies once or twice day for:

  • Feeding
  • Playing
  • Exploring the garden or the outdoors
  • Cleaning up inevitable accidents
  • Cleaning and changing water and food bowls
  • Administering medicines.

Once your puppy is vaccinated, we can include short walks, progressing to longer walks and socialising with other dogs and people.

We will get to know your puppies and kittens in our initial meeting and you can then discuss your pet's requirements with us.


  • Puppy/kitten visits are £14 per hour and £7 per additional puppy/kitten.
  • Two visits are £20 per hour and £7 per additional puppy/kitten.

Vet visits:
I can take your animals for visits to the vet.
I can also pick up animals for emergency vet visits.
Vet visits are £12 an hour.

Pet taxi service:
I can pick up and drop off pets through our pet taxi service. Please contact me for a quote.