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Pet feeding

Small pet care

Whether you have exotic birds, snakes, gerbils tortoises or fish, and you need me to make daily visits, sit for your pets or provide boarding, we will meet to first discuss all their needs and you can tell me all about their personalities, what they like and dint like so I can build a picture of them. I can:

  • Feed your pets
  • Provide company and play
  • Clean food and water bowls and replace food
  • Clean out cages, etc
  • Clean and replace bedding
  • Clean up any accidents
  • Administer medicine

Tell me about any other needs you require for your pets. I will keep in touch with you via text, email, Facebook or Twitter to let you know how they are if you are away for more than a few days.


£8 for one visit a day or £12 for two visits of 30 minutes.

Vet visits:
I can take your animals for visits to the vet.
I can also pick up animals for emergency vet visits.
Vet visits are £12 an hour.

Pet taxi service:
I can pick up and drop off pets through our pet taxi service. Please contact me for a quote.