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Dog walking

We walk your dog come rain or shine and on wet days we will towel-dry paws. if we have keys to pick up your dog, we can also check and replenish food and water bowls. You may be unwell and unable to take your dog for a walk or temporarily without transport and we can step in and help in an emergency.
Day walks are from 8am until 4pm in the winter and from 7.30am until 5pm in the summer, and we can hopefully accommodate last-minute bookings.

I work with many different breeds, sizes and behaviours.


30 minutes walk:

  • £8 per dog or £12 for two dogs from the same home.
  • Additional charge of £6 at weekends and bank holidays.
  • Solo dog walk £12. Some dogs (like humans) prefer their own company and we adapt to their needs.

One hour walk:

  • £14 per dog or £22 for two dogs from the same home.

Evenings, weekends and bank holidays

  • £20 per dog or £28 for two dogs from same home.


  • £6 to feed and water dog and let out into the garden.
  • £4 for each additional dog.

At weekends and on bank holidays prices are £14 and £7 for each additional dog.

I can also sit for your dog or dogs and stay overnight or for longer depending on your requirements. Please contact me for a quote.

Vet visits:
I can take your dog or dogs for visits to the vet.
I can also pick up animals for emergency vet visits.
Vet visits are £12 an hour.

Pet taxi service:
I can pick up and drop off pets through our pet taxi service. Please contact me for a quote.