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For whom the smell tolls

For whom the smell tolls

Ellie on having wnd

Wherever you may be, let your wind blow free. That's my motto.

However, there are some humans in this family (to be honest, it's all of them), who take great exception to my performing the perfectly natural function of passing wind.

They have even accused me of somehow storing aforementioned wind until we find ourselves in an enclosed space, for example, a car.

My humans then launch into this laughably exaggerated Jurgen Klopp-like demonstration, holding their noses, complaining of watering eyes and opening all the windows. That is just so grossly unfair and, frankly, demeaning.

If the accusation that I do this deliberately is true, I would hardly be living up to my motto now would I? It would also be very uncomfortable and I am all for comfort at all times.

And while we are on this subject, none of my humans can count themselves blameless in the wind stakes.
People in glass houses... Say no more.