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School of thought

School of thought

Ellie on education

I can't understand why James is in such a rush in the morning to get to school. As far as I'm concerned he spends far too much time there when he should be playing with me and taking me out for walkies.

Why would he want to learn about boring old stuff when he could have more fun watching me sniffing lampposts, jumping in puddles or introducing myself to new dogs in that special way we dogs have. No contest.

The one thing I do enjoy in the morning is watching mum and dad tearing around in a demented state and for some reason calling out the time every few minutes.

During this pandemonium my breakfast finally finds its way into my bowl and I risk life and limb negotiating a sea of legs so I can eat it in double-quick time. Then my bowl is suddenly dropped into the sink. Don't they realise I am nowhere near finished trying to lick the stainless steel off it.

Bedlam ensues and the kitchen is alive with activity for another 20 minutes. Then just as suddenly calm is restored when the front door closes and they all disappear for a while and I can return to my snooze. Humans are an odd bunch but they have their uses.