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Our dog Ellie

Our dog Ellie

The thoughts of a working cocker spaniel

Finding her voice

I have always loved animals, dogs in particular, and they have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Last year I was made redundant from my job as a sub-editor with a company producing various business publications and the chance for a fresh start and a new business venture presented itself. After 30 years in journalism I considered I had paid my debt to society!

It was also the perfect time to get a dog for our 12-year-old son James. So while I was setting up Elite Dog Walkers we began searching for our perfect dog.

We registered with Battersea Dogs Home and other dog centres but after some weeks we had still not found the right dog. On a couple of occasions when we did find the right dog they were snapped up before us.

We decided to look for a puppy and found what we were looking for. Working cocker spaniel Ellie was about 14 weeks old when we took her home. Now, seven months on, our speckled blue roan is a wonderful, energetic dog with a gentle nature who loves to play and socialise with dogs and humans alike.

But something is missing. I feel Ellie needs a voice. I want to get behind those soulful eyes and that go- faster white stripe on the top of her head and take a guess at just what she is thinking (apart from walkies, sausages, strokes and snoozes).

So as we go through life with Ellie, I shall try to imagine what is going on behind that tousled head. Watch this space.