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For whom the smell tolls

Ellie on having wnd

Wherever you may be, let your wind blow free. That's my motto. However, there are some humans in this family (to be honest, it's all of them), who take great exception to my performing the perfectly natural function of passing wind. They have even accused me of somehow storing aforementioned wind until we find ourselves in an enclosed space, for example, a car. My humans then launch into this laughably exaggerated Jurgen Klopp-like demonstration, holding their noses, complaining of watering eyes and opening all the windows. That is just so grossly unfair and, frankly, demeaning. If the accusation that I do this deliberately is true, I would hardly be living up to my motto now would I? It would also be very…

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Playing the game

Ellie on football

It's the same routine nearly every Saturday morning. At some ungodly hour I am unceremoniously woken from my slumber at the bottom of James' bed as he struggles gamely to get his shrunken football socks on. Saturday football kicks off in about an hour and as usual it's supposedly touch and go whether we can make it to the park on time. I perform my usual death-defying exercise dodging legs and feet in the kitchen to get to my breakfast and swallow it down before it is stolen by some unseen predator. At the same time my humans prepare their breakfasts (which incidentally always looks and smells better than mine). Just saying. Anyway, we get to the park on time (we always…

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School of thought

Ellie on education

I can't understand why James is in such a rush in the morning to get to school. As far as I'm concerned he spends far too much time there when he should be playing with me and taking me out for walkies. Why would he want to learn about boring old stuff when he could have more fun watching me sniffing lampposts, jumping in puddles or introducing myself to new dogs in that special way we dogs have. No contest. The one thing I do enjoy in the morning is watching mum and dad tearing around in a demented state and for some reason calling out the time every few minutes. During this pandemonium my breakfast finally finds its way into…

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Our dog Ellie

The thoughts of a working cocker spaniel

Finding her voice I have always loved animals, dogs in particular, and they have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Last year I was made redundant from my job as a sub-editor with a company producing various business publications and the chance for a fresh start and a new business venture presented itself. After 30 years in journalism I considered I had paid my debt to society! It was also the perfect time to get a dog for our 12-year-old son James. So while I was setting up Elite Dog Walkers we began searching for our perfect dog. We registered with Battersea Dogs Home and other dog centres but after some weeks we had still not…

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